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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Social media and their importance for your company's PR strategy" - or how to survive a new media workshop in the most decent way!

OK so this is what you will probably be asked to do in a NEW MEDIA workshop! Please I beg for your mercy while you are watching this video! It was filmed in an empty classroom in the marvellous Harrow campus of University of Westminster with Niki and Rozalia while we were laughing our hearts out. So if you dare take a look!

P.S: The tips we are providing are not relevant with the topic. So please don't judge! Copy paste the script from the internet was the best way to finish this video on time!

I am sure you hear a lot about social media in PR lately. It is true that are essential for a company and can help a lot in a PR strategy. Here are some tips from MA in PR student Niki Cortessis about social media :

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