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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another PR Blog?

Since I was almost forced to create a blog by my New media professor, I found myself in the middle of new information about blogs, rss, and other stuff that I don't remember since I was mostly browsing the internet at the time (What do you mean on Facebook? Of course not! I was checking the news for the new financial measures that the greek government introduced to the public). But when I learned more about it, I was fascinated by the amount of interesting things that you can learn. And don't get me wrong, it is not the first time that I came across with the great "blogosphere". BUT: Now I have to write my own blog about PR of course. And since I am doing my MA in PR i should have loads of things to say about it!

So even if my lovely professor claims that my knowledge of PR is perfect (ok he didn't really said that, but I am just adding some "spin" to his words) I will tell you that: I don't know anything! What I do know is, how a young student,full of dreams and passion for the PR industry feels. And that is what I'll try to do in this PR blog. I ll try to make a diary of a PR professional in the making. I hope you will enjoy it :) Take care and welcome!

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