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Thursday, June 9, 2011

When details matter. Can the wrong guest list ruin your event?

I recently attended the world premiere of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts' movie ''Larry Crowne'' at Westfield Shopping Centre in London. No, I was neither invited nor a press member, I was just shopping and browsing windows when I accidentaly saw the event. Fascinated by the glamour of the venue and the celeb spotting I took my spot and waited for the party to begin. Being a huge fan of Tom Hanks I was anticipating his arrival with my camera on my hand looking around how the PRs were handling the situation, how the journalists were lined up and from professional preversion I watched every single and subtle move of the PR team, how they were dressed, they way they were handling the press and all the relevant. I was surprised! Everything seemed to go smoothly and we were ready to go! The special guests started to come and I prepared my camera as I thought I would see respectful  movie stars, high fashion models at least renowned British journalists. But no. I was surprised to experience the arrival of ''The only way is Essex cast''. One world came to my mind: Disaster.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate TOWIE. I was just thinking the importance of the right guest list in a PR event such as a movie premiere. We all know that is all about attracting the press, but at what cost:? Definitely the cast of TOWIE is a camera magnet but does the profile of a bunch of reality stars match the class of a talented, quality movie star like Tom Hanks? Just wondering!

 My thoughts were interrupted by the announcement that finally Tom Hanks was about to make his appearence. I was thrilled and I stretched so I could see him and listen to what he had to say, as of course he was the star of the evening. But I guess I was wrong. By the time Tom Hanks entered all the cameras and journalists were taking pictures and shouting to two of TOWIE cast creating an extremely uncomfortable situation in the room. Tom Hanks was trying to speak but a really loud noise of camera clicks and stampede was dominating. Then another world came to my mind: That is Bad, very Bad.

Next day I was catching up on the publicity of the event and I wasn't proven wrong. Next to Tom Hanks' picture there was a picture of Harry and Sam. It looked irrelevant and without a point and I seriously felt sorry for a world class actor trying to survive the  TOWIE reality-mania! Hold it up there Tom! Made in Chelsea is in the house!

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